Mikogo RecordingRecording your online presentations or remote support sessions can be a great way to keep a record of your online session for future use. A recorded remote support session could be used as a tutorial video when others encounter similar problems in the future. On the other hand, if someone is unable to attend your online presentation however you recorded the session, they can then later play the recording back and view the presentation.

The Version 4 software includes a recording feature for your desktop sharing sessions. This is a completely new addition for the Mikogo Mac software, while it has been revamped for the Windows feature range. Read below for how to use the Mikogo recording feature.

For the purposes of this blog post, I will use the Windows screenshots, however they are practically identical to the Mac equivalents.

Start Recording

Mikogo Start RecordingThe recording button is available in the control bar after starting a session. As you can see in the screenshot to the right, the words “Start Recording” appear when you put your mouse over the button.


Click this button to start recording. When you do this for the first time, a “Browse for folder” window will open which allows you to select where the recording will be saved (see screenshot below). By default this is C:Documents and Settings[Your User]MyDocumentsMikogoRecords (on a PC) and Macintosh HD > Users > [your username] > Applications > Mikogo > Contents > MacOS (on a Mac).

Mikogo Recording Location

The button will turn red Mikogo recording button When you have finished your session, click the same button and to end the recording. You will find your recorded file in the location you selected. The recordings are saved in the Mikogo audit compliant proprietary BS4 format. The format is the same for both the Mac and Windows versions, and is even platform independent so you can play recordings on a PC which were made on a Mac, and vice versa.

Note: in order for the recording to work, there needs to be a participant in your session.

Playing back the Recording

Mikogo Session PlayerFor this, you can use the Mikogo Session Player, available as a : free download. Using the session player, open up the .bs4 file. The session player will appear as seen in the screenshot to the right. When you open a new recording, it will ask if you wish to index the file. We suggest you say yes, as this will assist you in skipping back and forth within the recording playback.

The control panel of the session player will appear within the bottom of the window as you put your mouse over it. You can then access the different buttons and functions which are as follows (going from left to right):
open file, stop, play, slower playback speed, faster playback speed, rewind, fast forward, zoom, and full-screen.

We hope you enjoy the new recording feature!