Thumbs upIf you’re someone who uses Mikogo for web presentations, meetings or other forms of group collaboration, then the new Participant List available in Version 4.0 should be of interest to you. The Participant List is the first area of the user interface that you see after starting a session and contains the session ID – similar to the Session Information window which you’re used to from Version 3. However there are some other changes and additions – which were requested by Mikogo users – in the participant list for you to check out.

Within the Participant List drawer, you can access:

  • Switch Presenter
  • Remote Control
  • Copy/Email/Paste Session Information
  • Participant Names
  • Emoticons
  • Rename
  • URL Push
  • Participant Color Settings

Participant ListWhile a few items in the above list were already available in Version 3 (e.g. Switch Presenter) there are several new features which I’ll explain now. Also, it’s important to note that all these features are now available together in the Participant List. (In Version 3, the participant names are not part of the Session Information window.)

For the following features, click on the drop-down menu icon next to your name in the participant list:

Emoticons: by placing an emoticon next to your name you can set your status, for example if you wish to show that you have a question or the presenter is going too fast/slow. These can be changed at any time and allow the organizer to keep track of participant questions or issues.

Rename: a participant (or the organizer) can edit their own name which appears in the participant list for others to see.

URL Push: allows the organizer to send a web URL to their participants for them to click on and visit – ideal for sending further info without the need to read out complex and long URLs.

Participant Color Settings: participants as well as the organizer can select an individual color. This color distinguishes them when using the participant pointer or the chat function.

Try out the new Participant List by downloading Mikogo Version 4.0 from our website.