Whiteboard desktop sharingIn Version 4.0 we have improved the whiteboard feature by adding greater functionality, new whiteboard tools and it is now available for both Windows and Mac users. To get straight into one of the main changes in the functionality of the new whiteboard, in the previous version of Mikogo only the presenter could control the whiteboard toolbar. Now in Version 4.0 the participants can use the whiteboard on the presenter’s screen without the presenter having to give remote keyboard and mouse control to the participants. This is the reason why we call this feature the multi-user whiteboard. Read below for how to access this function along with other changes in the new whiteboard.

New Functionality – Multiple Users

Mikogo WhiteboardBy clicking on this “Participant button” Whiteboard Multi-Users and clicking on “All users”, the presenter can grant permission to all participants to use the whiteboard on the presenter’s screen – without needing to grant them full remote control. At this point the whiteboard button will appear in the main menu of the participants’ Mikogo panels giving them access to the whiteboard tools.
Now the presenter and the participants can all use the whiteboard tools to draw on the presenter’s screen.

Other New Whiteboard Features

There are also several other additions to the Version 4.0 whiteboard including the following:

  • Whiteboard Tools More tools to choose from including a laser pointer and arrows
  • Whiteboard Text A text function that allows you to add a text box and type on your screen
  • Whiteboard Save Finally, an important addition is the new Save button that will make a screenshot of the presenter’s screen including all whiteboard drawings. This allows you to save and keep a record of all your whiteboard and brain-storming sessions.

More info about the new whiteboard in the user guides:

Version 4.0 User Guide (Windows – page 9)

Version 4.0 User Guide (Mac – page 10)

To download Version 4 and use the multi-user whiteboard feature, click here.