Multi monitorToday’s world can be like a circus – constantly juggling our daily tasks to get as much done in as little time as possible. The same goes for our work and many people now connect their computers up to two or more monitors in order to see and work on their project files at greater speeds. With this in mind, we introduce Mikogo’s multi-monitor support now available in Version 4.0. Read the blog post below to learn about this new Mikogo feature.

Basically, if you have more than one monitor connected to your computer, Mikogo now allows you to select which monitor you would like to present to meeting participants. Alternatively, you could even share multiple monitors with your participants.

Selecting which Monitor to Share

Mikogo Multi Monitor SupportThe feature can be found under Application Selection and allows you to select between your primary, secondary, third or even fourth monitor. By default, Mikogo will share your primary monitor. However if you wish to change monitors during the session, simply go to Application Selection, check your secondary monitor (or whichever monitor you wish to share) and uncheck your primary monitor. In other words, you can switch between monitors during a session.

And if you wish to share two or more monitors with your participants, then you can check multiple checkboxes under Application Selection, as shown in the screenshot to the right.

The benefit of the multi-monitor feature and being able to select between which monitor you will share with your participants, is that you can present your secondary monitor to your participants while still accessing files on your primary monitor. This means you can browse or read through a whole screen of files during your session without sharing them to your participants and without interrupting the presentation on your secondary monitor.

Try the new multi-monitor support for your next online meeting and feel free to let us know how you find it!