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Thumbs upIf you’re someone who uses Mikogo for web presentations, meetings or other forms of group collaboration, then the new Participant List available in Version 4.0 should be of interest to you. The Participant List is the first area of the user interface that you see after starting a session and contains the session ID – similar to the Session Information window which you’re used to from Version 3. However there are some other changes and additions – which were requested by Mikogo users – in the participant list for you to check out.

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Whiteboard desktop sharingIn Version 4.0 we have improved the whiteboard feature by adding greater functionality, new whiteboard tools and it is now available for both Windows and Mac users. To get straight into one of the main changes in the functionality of the new whiteboard, in the previous version of Mikogo only the presenter could control the whiteboard toolbar. Now in Version 4.0 the participants can use the whiteboard on the presenter’s screen without the presenter having to give remote keyboard and mouse control to the participants. This is the reason why we call this feature the multi-user whiteboard. Read below for how to access this function along with other changes in the new whiteboard.

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Multi monitorToday’s world can be like a circus – constantly juggling our daily tasks to get as much done in as little time as possible. The same goes for our work and many people now connect their computers up to two or more monitors in order to see and work on their project files at greater speeds. With this in mind, we introduce Mikogo’s multi-monitor support now available in Version 4.0. Read the blog post below to learn about this new Mikogo feature.

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