Computer America InterviewRecently our company director, Mark Zondler, received an invitation from Computer America for an interview on their live radio talk show to talk about Mikogo. Computer America is the longest-running syndicated radio talk show about computers and technology in the US and is now in its twentieth broadcast season – an impressive feat! Last week Mark appeared in a one-hour segment on Computer America with the radio show’s co-host, Carey Holzman. The two discussed the Mikogo software, the recent developments and future plans.

In more detail, Mark and Carey discussed several areas concerning Mikogo including:

  • The background of Mikogo and its free offering
  • Mikogo use cases: the rise from sales presentations to being used for many use cases
  • Advantages and capabilities of Version 4.0, including the new HTML Viewer and the Linux version development
  • Software security (always an important issue with any software program, and Mark details the security measures in place within Mikogo)
  • Software internationalization
  • Future direction of Mikogo

Click here to listen to the full interview and discussion.

And last but not least, thank you to Carey and Computer America for arranging the interview and discussion.