Translating Version 4.0Since the launch of Mikogo’s Version 4.0 beta release, the software is now available in over 30 languages! Considering that Mikogo is used in so many countries, this will be a great addition to our software and will facilitate the use of Mikogo around the world as people can now use the Mikogo software and features in their own native language.
While you can download Version 4.0 today and use it in one of the many languages, we are still working on making sure the translations are perfect. If you notice any translations that need correcting and would like to help us, please read below for more info.

The Translations So Far

Firstly, before we get into this, I would like to say a Thank You to all the Mikogo users who volunteered to help get the new software into their own language. With your help, we can now provide online meetings and remote support sessions to you and your clients in your native language. Mikogo is now truly a global desktop sharing tool.

Improving the Current Translations

Considering that the software is now in over 30 languages and we only speak a few languages amongst us in the Mikogo Team, we welcome you to send us any feedback when you notice a translation that can be improved. For example, you might notice a spelling error. Or perhaps one of the translations is too long for the Mikogo User Interface and you have a shorter alternative. These are areas that we may not notice or will have a lot of difficulty ourselves to improve because we don’t speak all the included Mikogo languages.
If you find something like this, please send us a screenshot of where the error is and send us an alternative translation that we can use. You can contact us about this at

We then intend to soon release an update with the translation improvements included.

Thank you once again for helping us perfect the software translations!