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Mikogo SchedulerOne of the biggest concerns for many businesses is time management. The new version of our web conferencing software includes the Mikogo Scheduler (now available on both Windows and Mac computers) to help you manage and plan your sessions in advance. With this in mind, we bring you the next Mikogo Tip blog post to help you get the most from the Mikogo Scheduler and its functions, to prepare yourself and your participants for your next online meeting or remote support session.

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Linux TuxAs you may have heard in Mark’s interview on Computer America, we are close to finishing the Linux version and have recently been testing it internally. We have received many requests via our Forum and Facebook page by people who are after the Mikogo Linux version. We are now asking for these people to help us out by testing the Linux version before we release it to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Read below for details on being a Linux beta tester.

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Computer America InterviewRecently our company director, Mark Zondler, received an invitation from Computer America for an interview on their live radio talk show to talk about Mikogo. Computer America is the longest-running syndicated radio talk show about computers and technology in the US and is now in its twentieth broadcast season – an impressive feat! Last week Mark appeared in a one-hour segment on Computer America with the radio show’s co-host, Carey Holzman. The two discussed the Mikogo software, the recent developments and future plans.

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When we consider the use cases of desktop sharing, we think about which Mikogo features are more or less appropriate for certain use cases. Have you ever wished that you could start your sessions with the right combination of features that would exactly suit your needs? Well, that wish has now been granted with Version 4.0’s new Profile Manager.
With the Profile Manager, you are able to build profiles that better suit your use case requirements before starting a session. Whether you are looking to host an online presentation or start a support session, the Profile Manager allows you to customize Mikogo by including or excluding selected features. This is to give you exactly what you want for each different desktop sharing session.

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Translating Version 4.0Since the launch of Mikogo’s Version 4.0 beta release, the software is now available in over 30 languages! Considering that Mikogo is used in so many countries, this will be a great addition to our software and will facilitate the use of Mikogo around the world as people can now use the Mikogo software and features in their own native language.
While you can download Version 4.0 today and use it in one of the many languages, we are still working on making sure the translations are perfect. If you notice any translations that need correcting and would like to help us, please read below for more info.

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