Mikogo ChatAs we prepared to release version 4.0, one of the most requested features from our users was a Chat function. Now, with the release of Mikogo Version 4.0 (last week), you can all now enjoy sending your session participants and session organizer instant messages during your next Mikogo session. And furthermore, the new chat feature is available in both the PC and Mac version.
In this blog post we cover the new chat function so you can get a bit more out of your next Version 4.0 online meeting with Mikogo.

Sending your Chat Messages

Mikogo Group ChatChatting with others takes place during a session and the feature can be accessed by clicking on the chat button in the Mikogo Panel. Note that the organizer will always have total control over who can chat with whom. In other words, he/she can decide whether the participants can chat between themselves, or just with the presenter. As you can see in the screenshot (to the right), when you click on the configuration icon (bottom right in the Chat drawer), you will be able to enable or disable “Group Chat”.
Note: when the Group Chat is enabled the participants will be able to send messages to other participants. On the other hand, if it is disabled the participants will only be able to chat with the organizer.

Moreover, we have included the option for the organizer to send messages to all or just selected participants. If you look in the chat drawer you will find an area with a drop-down menu called To: By clicking on the drop-down menu you can select whether an individual participant or all participants will receive your next chat message.

Also as people chat, their chat messages will appear in the identifying color that is associated with their name. This is to help quickly identify the author of a message when chatting and thus makes reading the messages much faster and easier.

New Message Notification

How do I know when I have received a new message if the Mikogo Panel is minimized or the chat drawer is closed?

If you receive a new message while you are in the middle of a presentation or a conference, the chat button will begin to flash. If your Mikogo Panel is minimized to your taskbar, then the taskbar Mikogo icon will flash and be highlighted in yellow. This way, your presentation will not be interrupted and you will still notice that you have a new message, which you can check whenever you want.

Mikogo in your Taskbar

We hope you are enjoying the new Mikogo Version 4.0 and likewise for the new chat feature!