Mikogo Start SessionThere’s been a lot of talk recently about the upcoming new features for Mikogo, and today we are pleased to announce the first release of Mikogo Version 4.0. We spent a bit of time tweaking the look of the new interface, translating the software into over 30 languages and internally testing the software as much as possible in order to iron out any bugs. This should ensure a smooth open beta stage – starting today 🙂 To download the software, see a few screenshots of the new-look software and for further info on Version 4.0, read the blog post below.

What You Can Expect in Version 4.0

We’ve added a lot of new features and languages to Mikogo, many of which were suggested by the Mikogo user base. So you will no doubt enjoy the following new features:

  • New-Look User Interface
  • Chat Function
  • Multi-User Whiteboard
  • Software in over 30 Languages
  • HTML Viewer
  • Disabling Specific Features
  • Profile Manager
  • Multi-Monitor Support
  • Participant List
  • Remote Shortcuts

You can read about these features in more detail here.

The New-Look Interface

Mikogo Version 4 PanelWhen you open Mikogo Version 4.0, the first thing you will notice is a small panel appearing on your screen. (Screenshots used in this blog post are for the Windows version, but the Mac UI is the same).
You will notice four buttons in the “Main menu”. By clicking on these, you will open “drawers” below. For example, click on Start Session Button or Join Session Button to start or join a session respectively. Note: no need to register for an account to start a session with Version 4.0.

Mikogo ChatOnce you have started a session, you will see different buttons in the main menu. By clicking on them you will open the respective drawer below. Clicking on them again will minimize them.

There is also a “Control Panel” (the 3 grey buttons below the Main Menu) where you will find Pause Transmission, Recording, and Lock Session.

Mikogo Settings
By opening the Settings drawer, you will be able to:

  • switch between languages
  • turn certain features on and off (to customize Mikogo for your own needs)
  • adjust speed/quality
  • and more!

Mac users – you will be happy to see that in Version 4.0 we have added even more features for you, which were previously available just in the Windows Version 3.0 software, such as:

  • recording
  • whiteboard
  • participant pointer
  • initial viewing direction and remote control settings
  • scheduler
  • and speed/quality settings

Downloading the Open Beta Version

Now that you’ve done all this reading, you might be looking to download and test Mikogo Version 4.0. Check it out here: www.mikogo.com/beta/

New Version 4.0 User Guides

And what about Version 3.0?

As this initial release of 4.0 is an open beta release, we have kept Version 3 still available for all to use. However the two systems are separate, so if you start a session with the new beta 4.0 software, your participants will also need to download the 4.0 software or join from http://go.mikogo.com
Likewise, if you start a session with Version 3, then your participants will have to join your session using the Version 3 software from http://join.mikogo.com/ or from the download page of the website.