Mikogo TipsRecently, a few Mikogo users asked if there is a way for them to get their participants to automatically join a session with a preset session ID. The reason for this – simplicity for the participant. If a participant, especially someone who is new to Mikogo and screen sharing, doesn’t need to enter the session ID but rather just opens the participant software and is automatically joined to the session, that is one less thing that you need to explain to your client. This is possible for participants joining from a Windows computer and the following blog post explains how you can do this.

Get Your Session ID

The best way for you to reserve yourself a session ID is to use the Scheduler. Open the Scheduler and save a new scheduled session. Once you have saved this in your Scheduler you will get a fixed Session ID which is reserved to your account. For details on how to schedule a session, please refer to the user guide.

Mikogo SchedulerAs you can see in the screenshot to the right (click to enlarge the image), I have scheduled a session with the ID 246-115-823. Now whenever I want I can open my scheduler and start this session with this ID. Next you will need to customize the download that the participants will need in order to join your session with the session ID that you received from the Scheduler (in my case that is 246-115-823).

Renaming the Mikogo.exe Download

Firstly, download the PC participant connection program and save it to your computer. Rename the file in the following format: mikogo-viewer_sessionID_ParticipantName__.exe. So if, for example, I start my scheduled session the session ID 246-115-823 and my participant was called Peter, then the filename would be mikogo-viewer_246115823_Peter__.exe I then send this renamed .exe file to my participant(s).

NOTE: there are two underscores at the end of the filename. If your session also has a password, just add it between these two underscores at the end of the .exe filename.

When I wish to organize a session with this ID, I open my scheduler and start the session. When Peter runs his renamed participant program on his computer he will join the session without having to enter his name or session ID.
Peter joins Session

Distributing your Renamed Participant Program Download

One option is for you to email this renamed executable to the participant. Alternatively you could upload it to your blog/website. This way you could send them a download link e.g. http://johns-blog.com/mikogo-viewer_246115823_Peter__.exe
Or you could make a link in your website to this renamed executable download. This way when clients click on your link to join a session, they automatically download your renamed participant program with preset session ID (in this case, 246-115-823) built into it.

ANOTHER NOTE: this blog post has been updated on the 11th July 2013 to take into account a change in the participant connection program file name to mikogo-viewer.