Mikogo for Financial AdvisorsFinancial planning is an information-heavy business, in which the client has to cart in all his tax records, pay stubs and investment records, and the advisor has to explain a raft of complex strategies. With Mikogo, financial advisors are seeing an alternative to the inconvenience of the in-person meeting and the tediously incremental back-and-forth of email exchanges. By providing that clarity, Mikogo also helps build trust — invaluable in a profession in which clients may be nervously placing their entire futures into an advisor’s hands.

Talking Finance Numbers and Mikogo

We talked to Bill Winterberg, a certified financial planner who serves as a technology consultant, and who is a big fan of desktop sharing. He not only uses Mikogo with his own financial planner, he cited it as the 2010’s best client-facing technology in his tech column at the Morningstar Advisor – the source of investing insights for independent-minded advisors.

“Many times, finance professionals need information that resides on clients’ computers at home or work,” he told us. “Instead of dealing with lengthy emails, insecure attachments with personal information, and delivery cost and delays with FedEx, professionals can connect directly with clients’ computers and see their screen, revealing the up-to-date information they need to identify financial strategies with clients.”

Read more about the benefits of Mikogo to financial advisors here. Also, you can read Bill’s recommendation of Mikogo on the Morningstar Advisor.

If you would like to share your experiences of Mikogo in your work – perhaps you’re a financial advisor as well or perhaps you work in another industry – please feel free to leave a comment below.