IT Tech SupportIf an emergency room doctor is the person whose services you least want to need, tech support probably comes in second. When our technology fails us, we feel helpless, and if tech support comes via phone call, the frustration of trying to explain the problem and follow arcane instructions is intense.

It’s not much fun for the remote IT support staff, either — they’d rather be able to see your desktop and even take control themselves to make the fix in a tenth of the time it takes to walk you through it. With Mikogo, a lot of IT departments are doing exactly that. Whether it’s the support unit of a software developer or the in-house staff for a multi-office agency, remote support staff praise Mikogo. It’s easy for clients to join a session and demonstrate the problem, and easy for the techs to take remote control to execute the solution.

“With desktop sharing software such as Mikogo, we’re able to reduce wasted time sitting in traffic and support our clients more efficiently,” says Perry Smith of Integrated Systems Solutions, a Southern California business software provider.

Read the full article and see how Perry’s team and the overworked tech desk of a community services agency, Community Action Southwest, turn to Mikogo to make support response fast, convenient and cost-effective.

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