Twitter Screenshot davidriecksBig news today in the world of online meetings: has acquired web meeting service provider, Dimdim. The acquisition is one thing, but according to the Dimdim website the result of this is that current Dimdim subscriptions will end, some as soon as March this year. The people at Dimdim did a good job over the last few years at promoting free web meetings, but it appears that there are thousands of Dimdim customers now who will lose their source of online meetings. With that in mind, we are welcoming all Dimdim customers to use the Mikogo software as their new alternative for free web conferencing.

Welcome to Mikogo

While Dimdim was a competitor, it is a shame to see a free online meeting solution come to an end. Of course,’s offer of $31million must have been tempting – so who can blame them? But it also might mean that Dimdim customers will move back to WebEx™ or GoToMeeting™. Consequently we encourage Dimdim customers to give Mikogo a shot. We think our software is a great replacement for your web meetings.

Of course, that is a biased statement 🙂 But we’re not the only ones who are suggesting Mikogo as can be seen in the Twitter screenshot above written by @davidriecks.

To learn more about Mikogo we suggest you check out our product description and browse our user guides.

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Dimdim customers – if you’ve just checked out Mikogo for the first time, how was it? Please feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks and welcome to Mikogo!