Mikogo and EducationThe world is a busy place and at times we can’t quite manage to juggle all our responsibilities as time quickly flies by. And unfortunately important areas of our life can get left behind and lost. Maintaining and developing one’s education – whether it be for your school/university studies, career development or learning a new skill such as a language – is an ongoing part of life. And although we might not make it to the classroom as we juggle other responsibilities, we can in fact enhance our education online. This week, we take a close look at several educators who benefit from Mikogo’s desktop sharing.

A Classroom: not always a building

As more and more people take up online classes, Mikogo is proving incredibly useful in education. The latest of our Industry Benefits articles explores Mikogo’s role in distance learning from a variety of perspectives:

  • Jeffrey Peariso is a classroom teacher in Mississippi handling at-risk students. When kids are away from class, they can use Mikogo to keep up with his live classroom lessons, making sure they don’t fall behind. He has taught two separate classrooms and an at-home student simultaneously, thanks to the Mikogo desktop sharing tool.
  • Noely Quinto is a private English teacher in Brazil. She used to teach one-on-one lessons in person, but since switching to Mikogo, not only can she fully preserve the quality of her face-to-face lessons, she can provide them to students living hundreds of miles away.
  • Global SchoolNet, a worldwide nonprofit that helps teachers learn and execute online educational projects, uses Mikogo for teacher training, which also leaves the teachers with a versatile collaborative tool for the projects themselves.

“Even for students at home, the software is very easy to use,” Peariso told us, “and one click changes things to allow the students to become the presenting teacher.”

We’re really pleased that Mikogo is helping educators of all types improve their lessons and reach more students. To learn more, you can read the full story here.

Check out other success stories on our Benefits page. If Mikogo is already part of your success, post a comment and tell us about it – we’re keen to hear from more Mikogo users and how desktop sharing is benefiting your area of work.