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Business collaboration softwareThe best ideas are sparked through collaboration. But how can a writer in Chicago brainstorm with another in London? Or how can Mary, a software engineer in Silicon Valley, collaborate on system design with James, a database designer in Manhattan? The answer lies in business collaboration software.

Desktop sharing is one such form of software, and is a fast and effective way to get the job done when collaborating online. Why wait for several emails to be sent back and forth across the city, country or world, if you have the opportunity to share and discuss the work over the Web? (more…)

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Remote desktop supportRemote desktop support uses technology to allow IT support specialists to view a user’s desktop screen over a network or the Internet to solve and troubleshoot problems and to provide instructions to the user. Alternatively, remote keyboard and mouse control can also be used to allow the IT specialist to actually take control of the user’s computer, of course with the consent of the user. Already you are most likely imagining the different use cases that remote desktop technology can be employed for. The question is what are the advantages for your company? (more…)

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online meeting servicesAs the workforce in many companies spreads out and project teams are created that include members from different regions, different time zones, and even different countries, face-to-face meetings in physical conference rooms are being replaced — or at least supplemented — with meetings in the virtual space. So how can you prepare yourself for your next online meeting in order to offer an experience that compares with sitting shoulder-to-shoulder, sharing ideas, coffee and donuts? (more…)

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Easy remote IT support with MikogoAnybody who has been enjoying Mikogo’s remote keyboard and mouse feature will know that remote IT support is a great time and money saver for companies in the form of increased productivity. With Mikogo installed on your PC or Mac, remote support works by allowing IT staff to control a computer from any other computer connected to the Internet. A typical remote support session lasts just a few minutes and can expedite problem resolution in the high majority of cases. Think about the time saved travelling, especially if the user-base that needs support is located miles away or in another city. (more…)

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