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online distance learningThese days, many employees of corporations are choosing to telecommute. Perhaps you have friends who are doing this. Or perhaps some of your colleagues are working from remote locations. This doesn’t just allow local employees to save on gas. It also allows corporations to higher individuals from other parts of the country or world that would otherwise not be able to appear in person to fulfill their functions. But what happens when such an employee needs to learn new skills or job training? (more…)

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Collaboration technologyIt’s not that long ago that we were completely unaware of the Web and collaboration possibilities. But today, our after-office lives can be packed with time spent in front of the home computer. Why? Because Internet is bringing collaboration into our homes to the point where collaboration technology has now become a part of our daily lives. You might think that this does not refer to you – read on and think again. (more…)

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iPadToday is the 31st May and hence time for us to announce the winner of the Mikogo video competition. Since we started this competition, we have received some cool videos in the competition and some mentions about the competition across the blogosphere. And as written in the initial blog post, the winner has been determined based on whichever video received the most “thumbs up – Like” votes on YouTube. We’ve really enjoyed watching all the videos as well as the YouTube comments, and we thank all those who participated.
And now it’s time to find out who will soon be receiving a new Apple® iPad™ …

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remote desktop assistanceRemote desktop assistance is the use of remote technology to provide technical IT support to computer users who are located in another office, city or even country. Just those last few words is enough for us all to imagine the benefits that a technician can achieve in their technical support tasks. Because they don’t have to go on-site, remote assistance allows for efficiency both in terms of cost and in terms of work force. (more…)

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remote helpTech support needs are continuing to grow faster than many companies can keep up. Companies that still use local solutions are finding that their IT departments are becoming overwhelmed. While increasing the size of the IT department is one remedy, solutions built on embracing new remote help software solutions are far more cost effective and they are easier to expand as the needs of the company grow. (more…)

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