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I was amazed by your comments, tweets, and suggestions. All your comments reassured me that I reacted appropriately by making this public, as opposed to giving in and signing the letter. If I had signed that letter, I fear that it would let the larger organizations and government bodies think they can bully the little guy around. (more…)

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small business desktop sharingEffective communication is the key to successful business. Although face-to-face communication can appear fast and straightforward, in many cases, it is simply impossible due to distance. Thus, people travel for their business meetings. According to the statistics published by the UK Department for Transport, commuting and business trips constitute 19% of all trips made in 2008; and of all miles driven by car, almost 40% were composed of commuter and business travel. While business travel facilitates communication, it carries with it the substantial expense of both time and money.

Luckily, advances in technology have brought new possibilities. And desktop sharing software is one of these. (more…)

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UK snowSince the beginning of this winter, we’ve seen freezing temperatures everywhere across the northern hemisphere, leading Europe and the US into one of its coldest seasons ever. Despite the fact that many considered the last climate change conference in Copenhagen a failure, the signs of this effect appear to becoming clearer, and this winter is a true reflection of that. We’ve seen China covered in snow, US was hit by many snowstorms but Europe seems to be in the worst situation. Hit by snowstorms almost across the board, the cold temperatures have even resulted in the loss of lives in several countries. (more…)

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Orchestra Web 2.0 is rapidly changing the world wide web and consequently also business websites. Where a few years ago it was perfectly fine to have a static website with your company’s name and contact info, this is nothing to write home about anymore. Having a dynamic website that allows you to get into a true dialogue with your visitors no longer gives you an edge, it’s fast becoming standard. (more…)

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