Insurance BrokersInsurance agents have always relied on the in-person visit to close a sale. Customers find the complex policies intimidating, and worry that if they miss a detail, they won’t have the coverage they need. But the face-to-face appointment takes a lot of time out of a broker’s day, and it severely limits the range of their practice. This week we take a look at the role that Mikogo plays in the world of insurance brokerage.

Talking to Insurance Brokers about Mikogo

In light of customers finding insurance policies complex, more and more insurance agents are finding that Mikogo is the solution to reduce confusion and paint a clear picture for the client. Desktop sharing allows the agent and client to be on the same screen, with the agent able to highlight various benefits as they compare policies side by side. We talked to two agents who do all or most of their sales remotely. They tell us that Mikogo lets them build trust, defuse clients’ anxieties, and even makes it easier to cross-sell — all of which improves customer satisfaction and the agents’ bottom line.

“The immediacy is the most valuable thing, there’s no guesswork, no gray area left when I’m done,” says Chad Harris, an independent insurance agent in Wisconsin. “It’s made a 100 percent difference in my business.”

You can read the full story here, and check out other success stories on our Benefits page. If Mikogo is already making your business run better, tell us in the comments below!