Mikogo Benefits ArticlesMikogo is an increasingly valuable tool for a wide range of industries. To showcase all the professions using our desktop sharing tool to boost the bottom line, we’ve launched a new section of our website. While our individual case studies continue to look at specific companies, our new Industry Benefits page offers examples of entire categories of business that rely on Mikogo.
Over the next weeks, we’ll bring you articles and stories from people using Mikogo in a wide range of industries, starting with…. Web Design.

The First of Many to Come: Web Design

Up first: Web Design. Individual contractors and design houses do most of their work remotely, so discussing the client’s needs or the designer’s concepts can become a hassle, and later support/training calls can be even harder. Mikogo puts client and designer literally on the same page, with the designer first demonstrating their proposals, and later accepting control of the client’s desktop to quickly smooth out glitches.

“In my field, sometimes it’s much simpler to be able to connect to the clients’ computers and make necessary changes and adjustments,” web designer Dean Eason told us.

Chris Ward, of a UK web design firm, said that Mikogo’s ease of use has facilitated his job and has made assisting clients a simpler and smoother process, while saving a lot of time and effort.

To read more about Mikogo as a tool for web designers, check out the full story here. And be sure to keep an eye out on the Benefits page for more industry articles. If Mikogo is already making your business run better, leave a comment below and tell us about it!