Mikogo ApplicationWe did once write a blog post about Mikogo’s portable version, but that was almost 18months ago! So it’s perfectly understandable if some of you have forgotten that you can start and join Mikogo sessions from a USB drive, without having to install the software. Consequently, I thought it was about time that we remind ourselves about how to use the Mikogo portable software.

First thing to note is that the Mikogo Portable version for Windows is the same software as the regular version. In other words, it runs from your system tray, requires a username and password, and includes all the same features and security measures – except there is no need to install the software!
System requirements are also the same and can be found on the Mikogo Download page. So that means anyone who uses Mikogo already on their PC, is ready to use the Portable version.

Getting Started with Your First Portable Mikogo Session

Please follow these steps to get started:

  • Download the portable software from this link, Mikogo Portable, and save it to your USB drive.
  • Starting a Mikogo meetingDouble-click on the mikogo-portable.exe file to open and run it. Mikogo will start and the Mikogo M icon icon will appear in your system tray.
  • Click on the Mikogo M icon and select “Start Session” which will open the “Mikogo Settings” window.
  • Enter your user details (same details that you have always used when starting a session) and click OK. Your portable session will start.

And that’s it! Now you have started a Mikogo session from your portable USB drive without installing the mikogo-starter software that you were previously using. Furthermore you can schedule sessions in Mikogo on your USB stick and then start and run these sessions from any PC that you choose.

Two Things to Note:

  1. It is also possible to join sessions from the portable version.
  2. After you start your first session, a CFG file will be saved on your USB drive. This is only a couple of kilobytes and it contains your session details, such as your username and password so you don’t have to re-enter them next time. That’s right – by keeping this CFG file on your USB stick, the next time you open and run Mikogo from your portable drive, there will be no need to re-enter your user details.

Mikogo portable

We hope you enjoy using the Mikogo Portable version!