A Remote Support System Case StudyIn the late 1990s, a relatively small banking firm with a large presence in the American south-east market acquired a failing competitor. That merger doubled its size and exponentially increased its market presence. Within several years, this firm was one of the fastest growing in North America. They now had a presence in the northeast and were expanding west. So what was the secret of their success?

The key to this rapid expansion was the remote support system that they had had in place prior to the merger. In its earliest form, the remote support system was software and a central station that allowed them to monitor all of the branch alarms from a single location. However, it was at this time that technology was advancing at a frantic pace, and they were fully integrating even the smallest branch banks.

At this point, their system for providing support remotely had to be diverse. From a single location and through a single remote support system, the firm needed to be able to monitor all branch and installation alarms, provide alarm support for employees, technicians and police, and, most importantly, provide remote support for all bank software applications.

Remote Support System Going Beyond Expectations

As the firm enhanced the original system in order to meet their new needs, they were encountering benefits that they had not anticipated. For example, savings had grown far more than was expected when they first decided on the central solution a decade earlier. In addition, the firm did not fully appreciate the growth potential of the system early on. The central monitoring station began as five employees in a single room of a modest building. Today, that central monitoring and support station is the building, and while the number of employees has increased, they only require twenty-five core employees in order to provide support for a company that has nearly one-hundred branches in its home state alone.

It goes to show that as we scratch at the layers of remote support systems, we are forever finding greater and deeper benefits that were not so visible from the start. What is your experience and opinion after weeks/months/year of using Mikogo for remote support?