Getting Started with your First Web PresentationsThese days it seems that the once mysterious web presentations are now becoming the norm for businesses and individuals, allowing them to instantly present information to customers, clients, team members or any group with Internet access – nowadays, that is a fair few people. Mikogo Team members, for example, are involved in multiple web presentations all the time. Web presentation tools make it easy for users to view information in real-time from any location—whether in another building across town, another city or even another country. Not bad, right? If you’re interested in introducing web presentations to your business but unsure of how to get started, then you’ve come to the right place.

The key to Web presentations is Desktop Sharing

The first question you may ask is, “What do I need to host my first web presentation?” Web presentation tools include solutions that allow users to share presentation slides to their audience live over the Web, engage in a virtual meeting of such, and share all sorts of files in real-time. Now, as you think of this and how it will take place on the Web, you might be thinking that this will require to upload presentation files to the Internet – Wrong! There is no need to upload files prior to the presentation, in order to share them over the Web in real-time with your attendees. Read on….

Of course, just like any presentation on or off the Internet, the presenter would normally be expected to prepare their slides prior to the presentation (something that all presenters should be doing anyway, right? 😉 ) But they do not upload it. Instead they utilize desktop sharing software, such as Mikogo, which assists the presenter in sharing their presentation over the Web with their attendees. The presenter starts a Mikogo desktop sharing session and invites the attendees to join. Attendees join the desktop sharing and can then view the presenter’s screen and PowerPoint presentation from their very own computers. And there you have it! A presentation taking place live over the Web via desktop sharing. The presenter proceeds by going through the presentation as normal.

The advantages of desktop sharing for presentations:

  1. The attendees can participate from any computer with an Internet connection.
  2. The presenter can share graphic presentations, charts, spreadsheets – anything they wish to share from their computer desktop.
  3. No uploads required. This means that during the presentation, if suddenly another file is needed for the presentation, the presenter can open any document or application on their computer and will instantly be sharing it with the attendees.

Web presentations for the business or private user

With the advent of global ecommerce, the number of businesses ensuring that they have a web presence continues to grow. Companies may have locations online and in many areas of the globe. These global and virtual locations may use online presentation software for staff meetings, to pitch a new advertising campaign idea to a client, or to update customers on new products. Clearly presentations over the Web eliminate travel costs for employees located in remote areas. Rather than traveling to the office for meetings and presentations, the staff only needs to log on to their computer. Businesses are also able to save presentations and can ensure that everyone has a copy of the online meeting with all the collaborated efforts recorded and included for later review.

Students may use web presentations to collaborate ideas with other students and with teachers, and may even utilize this resource to present class assignments to teachers. Families may use web presentations to show off pictures of new homes, new additions to the family, and provide family updates to family and friends who are not physically able to share the special moments in person.

And if you’ve used Mikogo for other presentation use cases, share them below in a comment!