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Getting Started with your First Web PresentationsThese days it seems that the once mysterious web presentations are now becoming the norm for businesses and individuals, allowing them to instantly present information to customers, clients, team members or any group with Internet access – nowadays, that is a fair few people. Mikogo Team members, for example, are involved in multiple web presentations all the time. Web presentation tools make it easy for users to view information in real-time from any location—whether in another building across town, another city or even another country. Not bad, right? If you’re interested in introducing web presentations to your business but unsure of how to get started, then you’ve come to the right place. (more…)

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Don’t Fall Behind without Remote Support SolutionsIn the modern business world, it has become common for organizations to outsource their technical support needs. Businesses of all shapes and sizes outsource necessary internal services as well as even some of the services that they provide to their own clients. This outsourcing has translated into big business for the IT consulting firms. Most of us have been involved with support calls, some via a phone or instant messaging service. But are enough companies utilizing remote support solutions to get the tech issues resolved efficiently and promptly? (more…)

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London TubeAs the time approached, the City of London moved to ensure that today’s tube strikes went smoothly without major disruptions. More buses and extra room for boat passengers were organized. But despite all these preparations, practically all tube lines were suspended or delayed at some point and it’s been reported that over 3 million commuters would have to walk to work. In fact if you live and work in London, it’s hard not to know about and be affected by today’s tube strikes – that is unless of course your company allows you the opportunity to work from home. (more…)

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