Spanish flagIt was expected that over 700 million people worldwide would tune in for last night’s World Cup Final, to see two teams fight for a title that neither had ever won before. As European champions in 2008, Spain went in as favorites, which was reflected in our Facebook competition – 50 people in the Mikogo competition said Spain would win, while less than 20 said the Netherlands would walk away with the trophy. While approximately 300 people entered the competition, Spain’s victory means that there are now 50 people remaining who could win the iPad™. And the winner is….

The Winner:

As mentioned in the initial blog post about the competition multiple people would be expected to pick the winning country. Therefore we will use as our tool for a lucky draw between the people who selected Spain, either via tagging themselves on the Spanish flag or leaving a comment below the Facebook photo as of the 30th June 2010. number generator
Using their very easy True Random Number Generator, the number 46 was delivered to us. That means that the 46th person from the people who selected Spain in our Facebook competition is our lucky winner!

Congratulations to Jeroom Decroock for predicting that Spain would win the FIFA World Cup 2010 and for being our lucky winner to receive a brand-new Apple® iPad™.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our competition and to for providing such an easy-to-use tool that played a part in the final stage of the comp.