With football being the “world game” as well as the international nature of Mikogo, it was inevitable that the Mikogo Team would get football fever!
It is only 2 days now until the start of the World Cup – and therefore it is the perfect time to announce our Football Fever Competition that will take place on Facebook, and where the winner will receive a brand-new Apple® iPad™.

The Competition:

Mikogo Football Fever GroupAWe have uploaded 8 images to our Facebook Fan page including all flags of the competing countries. (Click on the image to the left to see a full-sized example.) The idea is to tag yourself in Facebook on the flag of the country that you think will win the World Cup. If you tag yourself on the flag of the winning country, you enter the chance to win the iPad!

It is likely that multiple people will have tagged themselves on the flag of country that will win the World Cup. Therefore, at the end of the World Cup, all those who are tagged on the flag of the winning team will enter a lucky draw to win the iPad.
For example, if 8 people tag themselves on the flag of CountryA and that country wins the World Cup, then we will hold a lucky draw using random.org between those 8 people.

Important Points to Note:

  • You might be thinking, “Easy. I just wait till the 89th min of the final game then I’ll tag myself on the flag of the team that is obviously about to win.
    Well to avoid this, we will not accept any more tagging after 30th June 2010. This is between the Round of 16 and the Quarter Finals.
  • The flag images are already on the Mikogo Facebook Fan page in a photo album. As with any image, there is limited space for tagging. According to Facebook, there can be up to 60 people tagged in any one photo. Therefore I suggest you check out the photos sooner rather than later, and make sure there is space for you to tag yourself.
    Facebook Photo Album: Mikogo World Cup Football Fever Competition
  • All correspondence and announcements about the competition will take place on the Mikogo Facebook Fan page.
  • You can only tag yourself on one flag. We will be forced to remove tags if we find the same people are tagging themselves on multiple flags.

How to Enter:

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Go to our Mikogo World Cup Football Fever Competition photo album
  3. Tag yourself on the flag of the team that you think will win
    (In order to tag yourself in our photos, you will have to “Like” Mikogo on Facebook. Go to the Mikogo Facebook page and click on “Like” to become our Fan).
  4. That’s it – you’ve now entered our competition for the chance to win an iPad!

Announcing the Winner:

We will announce the winner on the 12th July (the World Cup final is on the 11th July).

Any questions? Drop us a comment below if you would like further info.

Apple® and iPad™ is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Terms and Conditions of the competition are available here.
iPad image courtesy of cote on Flickr.