iPadA couple of weeks ago, we announced the Mikogo YouTube competition, where anyone could enter by making a video about why they love Mikogo. And the prize? A shiny brand new Apple® iPad™! The winner will be announced on 31st May 2010, so that means that we are only halfway into the comp so far, and already we’ve received video entries from the USA, Armenia, Poland and Germany.
We will be giving away one iPad, where the winner will be judged on whoever has the most green thumbs up votes on their video. So please take a look at the videos below and vote for your favorite to help them win the iPad.

Can I still enter the competition?

Of course. Simply upload your video to YouTube and leave a comment below. We will add it to our YouTube competition playlist for everyone else to see and vote on. There is still plenty of time to enter and get your friends to vote for your video. So if you think you know enough people who will vote for you, then you have a great chance of winning.

A little more info about voting for a video

YouTube thumbs upTo vote for your favorite video in the competition, click on the Thumbs Up “Like” button which is under and to the left of a YouTube video. Note that you will have to be signed in with your YouTube account in order to vote. You can only vote ONCE on a video – YouTube does not count multiple votes on the same video from the same YouTube user account – which I think is fair because it means one person cannot try to manipulate the number of votes.
The bottom line is that we are only looking at the number of green Thumbs Up “Likes” on a video. We do not care about the number of negative red thumbs down votes – this is because we do not want people who have entered the competition to try and sabotage another video entrant.

More information about the video competition in the first blog post.

The Competition Playlist

We have created a new playlist in our YouTube account where we have listed all the current entries. As more people enter the competition we will add them to this playlist.

The current video entries:

iPad photo courtesy of cote on Flickr.