Easy remote IT support with MikogoAnybody who has been enjoying Mikogo’s remote keyboard and mouse feature will know that remote IT support is a great time and money saver for companies in the form of increased productivity. With Mikogo installed on your PC or Mac, remote support works by allowing IT staff to control a computer from any other computer connected to the Internet. A typical remote support session lasts just a few minutes and can expedite problem resolution in the high majority of cases. Think about the time saved travelling, especially if the user-base that needs support is located miles away or in another city.

Companies Jumping on board Remote IT Support

Software development companies make good use of remote support for their clients. Having the ability to get into a clients computer and see exactly what is causing a problem is invaluable from a support perspective. Changes can be made to data, files can be transferred, upgrades can be performed, and backups can be done by the technician. Remote help desk technicians today cannot be expected to deliver the quality of customer service deserved by clients without the help of remote support.

Having access to remote support can eliminate delays and lost productivity. Since the release of Mikogo, it’s been interesting to hear from users who said that they were resolving IT problems even before a technician could physically get to the computer in question.
We’re not saying that remote IT support means an Armageddon for face-to-face support. But today, especially in light of the economic downturn and the search for cost saving methods, using a face-to-face approach is reserved for computer hardware issues that cannot be diagnosed and resolved remotely.

Taking Remote IT Support one step further

Many machines today are ‘virtual’ machines, meaning they run in the memory of another computer. These machines are usually only accessible remotely. Many companies are saving time and money by virtualizing their servers and eliminating additional hardware expense. Remotely accessing and maintaining these virtual machines is a great way to resolve issues quickly and to make the use of virtual servers much more efficient.

One thing that I’ve definitely discovered by being a part of the Mikogo Team is that any computer user can benefit from remote support. Whether you need something fixed on your local computer or you have virtual servers that need to be maintained, remote support is an invaluable time saver.