mikogo solutionsWe’re currently in the middle of a new Mikogo version (watch out! – It’s got some great new features :-)) and we’re interested in hearing ideas and suggestions from the experienced Mikogo Community on what we could do to facilitate sharing session information. As you know, we currently have the Mikogo Scheduler which allows you to send email invitations with the required information to your participants. But if you could, would you improve this? Or would you use a completely new and different method?

Take a moment to think about the times when you’re organizing a session and need to communicate the session ID and details to the participants – basically you can boil it down to two situations:

  1. Spontaneous Ad-Hoc Session – you’re just about to start an ad-hoc web conference and need participants to join in the next 5 min.
  2. Scheduled Future Session – you’ve planned ahead and saved the session ID along with selecting the date and time.

Either way, you need to communicate the session information to your participants in a way that is easy and practical for both parties. And during these times when you’re about to organize a session, especially an ad-hoc session, perhaps you had also thought of new ways to invite participants.

How do you do it? How would you improve it? Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you thought, “Oh, this would be so much easier if Mikogo could…….!

Well, it’s that missing ….. at the end of the last sentence that we would really like to hear about from everyone.

Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below. Doesn’t matter how crazy or out-there the ideas might be – we want to hear them!

Thanks a lot