mikogo traveler's toolWhen people hear about desktop sharing, they directly associate it with business meetings, technical remote support or web conferencing. In fact, desktop sharing software can also be used as a way to share nice moments in your life, outside of the workplace. I personally enjoy the chance to travel a bit in my holidays, and have consequently seized the opportunity to use Mikogo’s desktop sharing to allow me to share the joy of my journeys through sharing my screen with friends back home, live over the web.

Screen Sharing: Business or Backpacker software?

As I mentioned, I enjoy the opportunity to travel in my holidays. When I visit a new place, I like to take a picture of the beautiful sites, and I also write daily about my travel journeys.

From my holidays abroad, I have come across an issue that can be solved by screen sharing. I believe that many people have similar experiences: when they return home, friends are always excited to know how the holidays were, what you saw and therefore ask you to quickly upload the photos online. They love to know about your experiences. But in general it can take a lot of time to organize pictures and upload them to the Internet. And after uploading the photos, you have to add some notes along with the photos, so those viewing the photos can try to understand where the photo was taken. Bottom line – it can be a long process.

Now, with desktop sharing software, I can share my computer screen in real-time over the web with up to 10 friends or family. This allows me to show all my photos as well as any upcoming travel plans while talking to them about it and explaining where I’ve been or where I’ll go. I can save the time in uploading the pictures to websites and have fun with the picture sharing while talking online. So far I’ve been finding it a lot more interesting and quick to share my holiday snaps and experiences via desktop sharing.

Mikogo desktop sharing example:
mikogo traveler tool

Try it out for yourself next time you want to share your holiday photos with distant friends or family. You could even do this when you’re still abroad as a great way to keep everyone back home up to date on what you’ve been up to. Desktop sharing can indeed be an interesting tool for a backpacker – Mikogo: the new traveler’s tool!