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group collaborationThe most essential component of an efficient and effective company is knowing when to utilize group collaboration. No single person can know everything, and having additional voices added to a discussion can provide insights and comments that accelerate your business processes. Brainstorming alone or planning individual activities certainly have their place in a productive workflow, but the quality of the end product or service is vitally dependent upon the quality of the teamwork that brought those isolated components together. (more…)

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mikogo solutionsWe’re currently in the middle of a new Mikogo version (watch out! – It’s got some great new features :-)) and we’re interested in hearing ideas and suggestions from the experienced Mikogo Community on what we could do to facilitate sharing session information. As you know, we currently have the Mikogo Scheduler which allows you to send email invitations with the required information to your participants. But if you could, would you improve this? Or would you use a completely new and different method? (more…)

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mikogo traveler's toolWhen people hear about desktop sharing, they directly associate it with business meetings, technical remote support or web conferencing. In fact, desktop sharing software can also be used as a way to share nice moments in your life, outside of the workplace. I personally enjoy the chance to travel a bit in my holidays, and have consequently seized the opportunity to use Mikogo’s desktop sharing to allow me to share the joy of my journeys through sharing my screen with friends back home, live over the web. (more…)

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sales supportIf you have sat in a sales meeting trying to close a deal – forgetting the number of setup meetings – it’s likely that a question or requirement came up during the meeting that required some form of sales support. In all likelihood, a specialist or technician was needed to be called in during the meeting and answer questions, and if the right skill set wasn’t available for the meeting it was postponed and the possibility of losing the deal increased. (more…)

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