Today and Monday this week, we had a couple of constructive meetings with the City of Mannheim to discuss the further use of the Twitter account @Mannheim. The discussions were conducted on a basis of cooperation and with the goal of aligning the respective interests.

Both sides have come to the conclusion that an out-of-court settlement is currently favorable and a lawsuit should be avoided. This is because the difficult legal situation is interpreted differently.

Today at 4:45 PM the following amicable settlement was reached:

  • Mark Zondler commits to provide his name and a photo on his Twitter account and a declaration in the Twitter account Bio section that he does not represent the city. This is to prevent confusion with the City of Mannheim. Furthermore, Mark commits to not transferring the account to any third party.
  • Mannheim City withdraws the cease and desist order sent on January 13, 2010. Furthermore, the City of Mannheim has committed to not initiating a court proceeding against Mark Zondler within the next 12 months.

Mark Zondler can continue to use the Twitter account @Mannheim and it has been made clear and public that the Twitter account @Mannheim does not represent the city of Mannheim.

To read the official agreement between Mark Zondler and the City of Mannheim, click here.