I was amazed by your comments, tweets, and suggestions. All your comments reassured me that I reacted appropriately by making this public, as opposed to giving in and signing the letter. If I had signed that letter, I fear that it would let the larger organizations and government bodies think they can bully the little guy around.

Let this be a lesson to any city or government who thinks they can get away with sending such an offensive and naive cease and desist order to an innocent citizen.

Message for City Governments: Need a twitter account or something from a citizen? Try asking them first. You’ll be surprised how far a “please” will take you.

Message for citizens, small business owners, and Internet users: Don’t let yourself be pushed around. You have a voice, and it doesn’t matter who you are, there are always possibilities to be heard over the Web.

The city representatives now want to talk and invited me to a meeting in the city hall on Monday. A step in the right direction. I’m also willing to talk and do not want to escalate the situation by all means.

I’ll keep you in the loop.