UK snowSince the beginning of this winter, we’ve seen freezing temperatures everywhere across the northern hemisphere, leading Europe and the US into one of its coldest seasons ever. Despite the fact that many considered the last climate change conference in Copenhagen a failure, the signs of this effect appear to becoming clearer, and this winter is a true reflection of that. We’ve seen China covered in snow, US was hit by many snowstorms but Europe seems to be in the worst situation. Hit by snowstorms almost across the board, the cold temperatures have even resulted in the loss of lives in several countries.

Last week, the UK stole the spotlight. Britain faced chaos last week as snowstorms got worse and the whole country went under snow and ice, giving us this shocking satellite picture (above), where we see a completely frozen Britain, just like Hollywood movies about the end of the world. The chaos spread easily as roads were closed, airports and trains suspended their services and millions of people were left literally out in the cold. Sports fixtures were canceled, millions couldn’t reach their workplaces, some areas faced food shortages and salt supplies nearly ran out. UK’s The Sun says that snow could cost Britain’s economy £1Billion.

Over the Internet, millions who couldn’t get out of their homes shared the snow stories and even a website, using Twitter, was created to allow people to share how bad the snowstorm was, just by sending tweets with the hash-tag #uksnow. But Twitter also showed that many managed to easily overcome the difficulties caused by the snow, by using one simple software: Mikogo. Instead of cancelling or postponing their business meetings, they simply attended the meetings from their own homes using desktop sharing. Teams were brought together in a web conference by the power of a mouse click. And even if someone needed to access files on other computers, it was easy using remote access. And all that without any cost at all.

Mikogo has been a great resource for those willing to commit to environmental-friendly behaviors, and helps to slow down the climate change. But this time, according to some of our users, Mikogo was a true-life saver! With Mikogo you can attend your meetings online from anywhere, organize web conferences or webinars and even access others’ computers to provide remote support.

Remember, if the snow hits again, don’t worry! Stay warm and cozy inside your home and use Mikogo to reach your appointments!

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