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Insurance BrokersInsurance agents have always relied on the in-person visit to close a sale. Customers find the complex policies intimidating, and worry that if they miss a detail, they won’t have the coverage they need. But the face-to-face appointment takes a lot of time out of a broker’s day, and it severely limits the range of their practice. This week we take a look at the role that Mikogo plays in the world of insurance brokerage. (more…)

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Mikogo Benefits ArticlesMikogo is an increasingly valuable tool for a wide range of industries. To showcase all the professions using our desktop sharing tool to boost the bottom line, we’ve launched a new section of our website. While our individual case studies continue to look at specific companies, our new Industry Benefits page offers examples of entire categories of business that rely on Mikogo.
Over the next weeks, we’ll bring you articles and stories from people using Mikogo in a wide range of industries, starting with…. Web Design. (more…)

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ISO 9001To experienced users and web collaborators, desktop sharing has become a norm for business. However some people may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, such as clients or prospects who you are about to start a session with for the first time. But there is no need for such concern with Mikogo. You will be pleased to know, and so will your session participants, that Mikogo has been awarded the ISO 9001 Certification for our quality management system.

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Global SchoolNetIt is common to think that Mikogo’s remote desktop solution is primarily used by companies for online meetings and remote support sessions, and consequently it can come as a surprise to some to learn that today online collaboration solutions are considered highly effective and important within the field of education. More and more schools and teachers are implementing collaboration technologies to assist in students in the classroom. Furthermore, online teaching is rising in popularity and bringing children from all over the world into a common virtual classroom.

Mikogo is happy to be a part of the world of online education, and more so when we learnt about Global SchoolNet and how this organization has been using our software to bring children and teachers together to learn and collaborate online. (more…)

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Mikogo ApplicationWe did once write a blog post about Mikogo’s portable version, but that was almost 18months ago! So it’s perfectly understandable if some of you have forgotten that you can start and join Mikogo sessions from a USB drive, without having to install the software. Consequently, I thought it was about time that we remind ourselves about how to use the Mikogo portable software. (more…)

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