green pollWith the Kyoto Protocol expiring soon in 2012, delegations from 192 countries are now gathering in Copenhagen. The aim of this summit is to create a new treaty that could more effectively curb the greenhouse gas emissions to slow down man-made climate change, which, as evidence has shown, has caused more droughts, more flooding, rising sea levels and more extreme weather incidents.

Though reducing the green house gas emissions is the key to mitigating global warming, it is by no means the only action to take to save the Earth. Many things still need to be done – for example, recycling. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the world population is expected to smash through the 9 billion barrier by 2050. Contrary to the population expansion, there are only limited amounts of natural resources. That means, if human beings do not start saving and recycling, the future generations will have less available resources to use and consequently a complete depletion of resources could become a reality.

As citizens of planet Earth, environmental awareness is our responsibility and our common objective for the future.

What has your company done to go green? You can either speak for your own businesses or for the companies you work at. Cast your vote and spread the environmental-friendly seed!