Since September of this year, the Mikogo Team has grown quite a bit – not only in numbers but also in languages! You might have wondered about our incredibly diverse language skills when we suddenly began twittering in Chinese, Portuguese and German. Well, the answer to the mystery is that by now, we are being supported by three interns and a student, working part-time. We thought it might be a nice idea to introduce our new team members formally to the Mikogo community and – in the process – to give you a bit of an idea of what we’re doing here the whole day. Therefore we asked them to tell you a bit about their backgrounds and to answer a few questions.

Who are our Newbies?

Chi is Taiwanese, and studies in an MBA program in the Technology University of Wuerzburg and Schweinfurt. Chi has joined Mikogo as an intern since the beginning of October.

Hsiang-Yi comes from Taichung, Taiwan, and right now is doing her Masters in British Studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Since mid September Yi is is working as an intern at Mikogo.

Thiago is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is finishing his Master’s degree in international business administration with specialization in marketing, after studying in Spain and France. Thiago has been apart of the Mikogo Team since the beginning of September as an intern.

Jule is from Berlin, Germany, and is doing her Ph.D. in literary studies at the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg. Jule is working at Mikogo on a part-time student basis.

What are they doing at Mikogo?

Why are you interested in working for Mikogo/in online marketing?

Chi: I like working at Mikogo because Mikogo offers a good opportunity for interns to learn the processes of online marketing and execute your creative marketing ideas.

Yi: Firstly, I am in fact a fan of Mikogo. This tool is free and I find it very easy to use and feel comfortable to promote a product that I myself enjoy using. As for online marketing I think it’s the trend of the future and it is really cool to gain first hand experience in using new technology and software tools to find the right customers on the Web and communicate with them effectively through the Internet.

Thiago: Online marketing has always been one of my main interests, because I was always curious about the way the Internet has been changing our lives, and as an marketing student it became an obvious passion for me. Working for Mikogo seemed really interesting from the very beginning because it looked like a big challenge for me, and I enjoy facing challenges! The idea of taking this great application and building its roots in the Portuguese speaking market from day one got me hooked from the moment I saw the internship ad.

Jule: In the past half a year I did a traineeship in the marketing department of a publishing house, where I first came in contact with online marketing and was immediately fascinated by it. I like that you easily come into direct contact with your (potential) customers in a realm where the private and the business spheres blur.

What are your responsibilities here?

Chi: My responsibilities are mainly in the Chinese market, and include online marketing activities organization and execution, product promotion, communication with web users, press releases, case studies, etc.

Yi: I reply to relevant English and Chinese tweets, contact English bloggers, contact organizations that might be interested in Mikogo desktop sharing, and checking out new software tools or new methods of promoting Mikogo.

Thiago: I’m responsible for the marketing activities of Mikogo for the Portuguese speaking world, which includes about 250 million people in the world. These activities include working on our Portuguese website as well as the SEO tasks that are involved, social media and contact with the market.

Jule: I’m working on optimizing the search results for the German Mikogo webpage and for promoting Mikogo in the German market via social media.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

Chi: Mikogo is an international team, where you can work with people from different countries and learn how to collaborate with them. Also, it’s like a big family here and all of my colleagues are so friendly. I feel comfortable and have fun working here.

Yi: I think unlimited possibilities is the thing that fascinates me. Of course, there are some routine tasks that I have to do everyday, but I can always try out new software marketing tools and explore the ever-changing Internet world. It’s awesome. Also, the colleagues in the office are friendly and open-minded – it’s very enjoyable to work with them.

Thiago: I really like our environment here, I learn a lot everyday and it’s always a great experience coming to work. I also enjoy a lot of our social media activities – it’s fun and effective at the same time!

Jule: I really learn a lot here which is always great. The team is really nice and since it’s a very international team, it’s also a great way to polish up on my English. Plus – a job where you get paid to blog and twitter? 🙂

What do you hope to learn/accomplish by working with Mikogo in online marketing?

Chi: I would like to build up my online marketing abilities here and achieve the company’s marketing goals in the Chinese market. Besides, it’s also crucial for a business student to learn how to work within an international team.

Yi: Actually, I am considering writing my thesis on online marketing so working with Mikogo is the best way to gather first hand data. Additionally, I want to become less timid when it comes to marketing and contacting people. I also want to learn more about the differences and similarities between the west and the east. And… oh, there is simply too much to count one by one. 🙂

Thiago: Well, I want Mikogo to be the nº1 desktop sharing app in Brazil and in the world!!! As for me, I really want to understand the dynamics of running a website and making it attractive to users, as well as the pathways to marketing via the web.

Jule: I really want to get more work experience besides doing my Ph.D. And since I can definitely see myself pursuing a career in online marketing, Mikogo is perfect for me.