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No, we haven’t lost our command of the English language quiet yet. But we might need to adjust our understanding of communication yet again, as technology is not only changing our methods of communication – from letter to telegram to phone call to email to messaging to twittering to video calls… – but also the way we approach and utilize our communication streams. (more…)

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Since September of this year, the Mikogo Team has grown quite a bit – not only in numbers but also in languages! You might have wondered about our incredibly diverse language skills when we suddenly began twittering in Chinese, Portuguese and German. Well, the answer to the mystery is that by now, we are being supported by three interns and a student, working part-time. We thought it might be a nice idea to introduce our new team members formally to the Mikogo community and – in the process – to give you a bit of an idea of what we’re doing here the whole day. Therefore we asked them to tell you a bit about their backgrounds and to answer a few questions. (more…)

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