Social Media Marketing is one of the most discussed topics of marketing in Germany right now. Can companies still do without social media marketing? What role will other marketing areas, such as email marketing, play in the future?

Last week the GPRA organised a panel (unfortunately the resource on this is no longer available) discussing all those questions. Sadly, only in German (you can find our German blog entry here on facebook). Still, one of the speakers, Mirko Lange, gave an interesting and provoking answer to the above questions by saying that social media is the cocaine of today’s communication. It might not be necessary to survive as a company, but it is the ideal tool to give your company a unique personality.

On the other hand, a new study done by ExactTarget tells us that social media is far from completely replacing the good old email. To the contrary – the usage of emails is increasing again.

So, if social media is cocaine, have emails by now become the bread & butter of modern communication?