A couple of months ago we put out a blog post about releasing the Mikogo website in further languages and we went out on search for volunteers amongst the Mikogo Community to help us with translation. We received a great response from some die-hard Mikogo fans, and thanks to them it won’t be long until we have our website in several new languages. Speaking of which, since yesterday we now have a German website! Die Mikogo Webseite ist jetzt in Deutsch verfügbar!

You’ll find the website at www.mikogo.de. Clearly it is very similar to the look and layout of the English website, with a couple of minor differences – such as the video box on the homepage. Everything that you need is now there in German for when you’re looking for information about downloading, registering, using Mikogo, support questions, feature details, etc. international-german
Also, visitors to the website can switch between languages by clicking on “International” in the top-right corner of the website, as seen in the picture to the right.

Other languages, I hear you ask…
Yes, you’re right. As mentioned in the last blog post about translating Mikogo, we will be releasing the Mikogo website in several other languages. I can tell you that we expect to finish both Portuguese and Chinese quite soon (so don’t go far :-)). Then quickly backing up these websites, we expect to launch the French and Spanish websites. We’ll keep you posted on this via our blog, so please feel free to subscribe to our feed.

In the meantime, we hope that all our German-speaking users will enjoy the new German website. Cheers!