Steelbro GroupRecently we asked Mikogo users to contact us regarding their Mikogo experience as part of “Share Your Mikogo Story”. We received many interesting and creative stories from users for our Testimonials page. One such story was from Doug Newnham of Steelbro Group. Naturally I enjoyed his story on the first read, but then when I contacted him again about writing an in depth case study I received further quotes & details about Steelbro’s ever-increasing use of Mikogo. Needless to say, his quote “Mikogo beats the pants off anything else” was a standout line.

Introducing Steelbro Group

Steelbro Group is an Australian based parent company for a group of unique and complimentary manufacturing companies. Whether it is in the design and manufacturing of containers, specialized container derived storage, modular housing, isolated communications solutions, or global container handling solutions, Steelbro is respected for producing innovative and imaginative solutions.

As I wrote above, I received many great quotes and stories from Doug and Steelbro, which of course was great! So many in fact, that I couldn’t fit in the full story of how Doug was introduced to Mikogo, as well as all the quotes, in the case study. I have prepared Steelbro’s case study and placed it on our website, and suggest you take a look.

However, I’d like to add a some of Doug’s quotes for you to read in full:

“Previously for all training and support we’ve been using the standard RDP functionality that requires port redirection and often multiple hops to get to the end user – and then they still cannot see what we are doing. My colleague also started using Mikogo and both of us were instantly hooked. It has literally saved us thousands in travel and lost productivity as we are now able to resolve desktop problems within minutes and conduct training internationally without travel. It saved us an interstate trip and approx. $2000 and allows us to troubleshoot issues in half the time.
Some of our users are so impressed they are also starting to use it for long distance support of our product. Even the most cynical of users and colleagues are impressed by this. Recently I introduced it to another ERP supplier who has now ceased using another product not just because it’s so much cheaper but she’s finding the Mac support is priceless.
Since our last email, our usage of Mikogo has gone up to about 5 times per day and it has also allowed us to remove 90% of our contract IT support in one international office of 40 users.
It beats the pants off anything else.”

Doug Newnham, IT Manager, Steelbro Group