Mikogo SplashscreenRecently we mentioned that we were working with our designer to create a new look interface for the Mikogo software. Not only is that now finished and released for the Mikogo Windows version, we also have released some great new features that will assist those using Mikogo for remote support. Now in a little more detail…

We’ve now released Mikogo version 3.0.2 for Windows, and with this we’ve included greater features, functionality and ease of use, that can help you in all use cases of Mikogo, but in particular for those who are using Mikogo for Remote Support. The features that we added in this release were highly requested by many Mikogo users, so we hope you all enjoy checking them out:
Mikogo Start Options

  • Select your own Session ID – this was a feature in version 1.0 of Mikogo and it is now back after popular demand 🙂 Please note that if someone else has already requested your ID of choice, that you will have to select another ID or use the randomly assigned unique session ID.
  • Adjust your Recording Settings – to ensure you maintain copies of all your Mikogo sessions.
  • Predefine Initial Viewing Direction & Remote Control – this was a highly requested feature from remote support session organizers. The feature allows you to start a session, invite a participant, and have the participant become presenter and show their screen to you. Initial remote keyboard & mouse control settings of your participant’s screen can also be defined. Of course explicit consent is required by the participant for security. This is a great way to invite a client to a remote support session and be up and running within a minimum number of mouse clicks.
  • Mikogo Start Options

  • Adjust Speed/Quality Settings – once again a highly recommended feature from the Mikogo Community. If you’re looking to organize a remote support session, you may like to select the “max speed” setting whereas those hosting web conferences and web presentations will prefer the “high quality” setting to provide a clearer view for their session participants.
  • Enable/Disable Participant Pointer – another Mikogo community request. While many enjoy the effectiveness of the participant pointer, some have asked for a way to switch off this feature, when required. Now you can.

Mikogo Start Session To reflect Mikogo’s new remote support features and use, we now refer to starting Mikogo, as starting a Mikogo “session”. This reflects all uses of Mikogo including web conferences, online meetings as well as remote support.


The new icons….
The new icons are now in place for the Windows software. We have kept the theme of having an “M” in the m-icon icon to assist communication between users:

“To join my session, just click on the “M” icon and then….”

We feel that the occurrence of the new m-icon icon in the user interface will provide you with a professional looking piece of desktop sharing software for your company web conferences and remote support sessions.

Upgrading to Version 3.0.2 (Windows Users)
To get v3.0.2, you can uninstall your current version, and then download & install the new version. Alternatively when you next start a session, you will be notified of the current new version and requested to upgrade:

Mac Users…
We are working on new functions for the Mac version as well as a new version which will include the new look software icons.