Today we are making an upgrade to the Mikogo server which will involve a necessary upgrade of the Mikogo software. Upgrading to Version 3.0 will be required in order to use the software. This will be a quick and painless process, but it is necessary in order for us to upgrade our server. For this, thank you for your understanding. Read on for further details.

Automatic Upgrade
From today onwards, the next time you start Mikogo you will automatically be prompted that an upgrade is necessary. Simply agree to the upgrade and proceed. A quick download will take place.

Click on the M icon in your system tray (PC users) or the menu bar (Mac users) and select “Start Meeting”. As this is your first meeting, this will open the Mikogo Settings window. Please enter your user details.

There is no need to register a new account. Your current account will work perfectly on the new software. If you have forgotten your password, please click here for a new password.

Your meeting with Mikogo version 3.0 will then begin.

Following today’s software upgrade we will then be looking to release the new website 🙂