Since the release of the Mac version, Mikogo has attracted the attention of many well known tech writers, websites, and Mac focused publications. This includes the renowned magazine and website, Macworld. Macworld UK yesterday posted a review on their website and gave Mikogo a stamp of approval with an Editor’s Choice 4-Star Award.

Macworld reviewMid last week I spent close to two hours with Macworld’s Nick Spence. As you can imagine, when I say “spent” time with Macworld I do not mean a face-to-face meeting 🙂 On the contrary. By utilizing Mikogo’s free desktop sharing for the primary purpose of demonstrating the Mikogo software and later presenting and discussing each others websites, we held our meeting over the Web with Nick in England and myself in Germany. Nick enjoyed Mikogo’s “unobtrusive” interface and found both the remote keyboard and mouse control and participant pointer to be highly effective.

Nick also mentioned that he would later test out Mikogo over the weekend with friends in England and overseas.

Nick Spence writes:

This is a useful addition for trouble shooting computer problems, training and learning or simply if you want to collaborate in real time online. A notification window keeps track of what’s going on including the transferring of any files or documents, which can be defaulted to be your desktop so they are easy to find.
We also loved the participant pointer, a simple but effective tool for highlighting and aiding discussions and demonstrations.

Nick was of course curious about the development of further features in the Mikogo Mac version and I assured him that I will keep him posted as we make further developments.

To read the review, drop by the Macworld reviews page.

Mikogo Mac screen sharing