One of the great things about Mikogo and something that has on several occasions led to a “wow” response from Mikogo users is that we provide our software for free. Understandably, a free desktop sharing tool is enjoyed greatly by the Mikogo Community for web conferencing. On the other hand, free software can also be a hot-topic in the blogosphere, and consequently Mikogo has appeared on countless blogs around the world. Yesterday, it was De Web Times where Mikogo made its appearance.

De Web Times

De Web Times is an online platform that delivers readers and users with the latest news on useful resources within various categories such as Design, Graphics, Industry News, Inspiration, Photoshop, Tools, Usability, Web Development. De Web Times also provides a special section dedicated to the readers to view The CSS Gallery and Showcase section. This section is a collection of work that showcase a lots of designers and developers personal and professional websites.

Many Internet resources are hand picked everyday by De Web Times then collected, combined, reviewed and published. After discussion with Divya from De Web Times, Mikogo was selected for a blog post on their website, and it was Mikogo’s speed and ease of use that stood out for Divya.

If you are also a blogger or write for a tech website, please feel free to get in contact with us if you are interested in reviewing Mikogo. We enjoy bloggers sharing Mikogo, and more so when people take the time to share an in depth review on how they find the free screen sharing app. It’s a great form of feedback and really lets us know what the users enjoy about Mikogo.

To contact us about blogging about Mikogo, please leave a comment below.