With the launch of the new Mikogo website approaching, we are introducing “Share Your Mikogo Story” – where you can share your experience of Mikogo and have yourself or company featured on our new website. Consequently we are looking for interested Mikogo users who would like to share their thoughts and opinions on Mikogo for a case study. If you are interested, please leave a comment under this blog post. Below you can read the Mikogo Story from Bolero Innovations Inc.

Introducing Bolero Innovations Inc.Bolero Innovations Inc.

With over twenty-five years of combined hands-on experience, Bolero Innovations Inc. are professional web design service providers who are uniquely qualified to deliver a myriad of web technologies and framework applications. Company President, Mark Johnston, has spent 12 years of his professional career as a Senior Project Manager in the software development industry.

“It is our primary tool for
client demos and it makes
training people a breeze!”

Mark Johnston
Company President
Bolero Innovations Inc.

The Challenge

Bolero Innovations Inc. provides a wide range of web design services and needs to regularly organize client demos in addition to training sessions for both employees and clients. While having previously paid for online meeting software, Mark was searching for an affordable and easy-to-use solution to online trainings.

The Solution

It was Mikogo’s fast installation and easy-to-use user interface that impressed the Bolero President: “I was astounded by how simple it was to get started. As an application architect and user interface designer for over 13 years, I must say that Mikogo was the most hassle-free installation I have seen in a long time.”

“But my favorite part is how unobtrusive it is – finally an application that simply works, and only works when you want it to work, without making a peep when you don’t.”

The Conclusion

Now as the company’s primary tool for online demos, Mikogo is being used daily by Bolero Innovations. “Brilliant product! I cannot say enough good things about it. Prior to Mikogo’s free solution, we were using overly complicated and dreadfully slow products and paying monthly fees. All applications should be as easy to install and use as Mikogo. Mikogo has created the best, most efficient, easy to use, unobtrusive screen sharing application the world over.”

The Bolero Innovations Inc. Case Study is available as a PDF download.