Over the last several days the papers, TV news programs and online media have been riddled with stories regarding the swine flu. Many people, in the hundreds, have been admitted to hospitals around the world reporting symptoms of the deadly virus. Officials are warning people off crowded places, which begs the question: Can we prevent ourselves from infection by using web conferencing as opposed to traveling for meetings?

With possible cases and symptoms already appearing in many countries over the world, a pandemic is a clear concern and travel restrictions are no doubt a wise and safe preventive measure. Travel bans and strict quarantine restrictions on travelers are now the hot topic of discussion, with the World Health Organization expected to make a decision on the pandemic alert level this week that could result in serious implications for travelers.

To gain a clearer understanding of whether a desktop sharing app like Mikogo can in fact battle the swine flu and prevent infection, we’d like to hear from you – the experienced users of Mikogo.

What are your feelings about the current swine flu reports?

Are you more likely to organize web conferences during any time of outbreak? Have you considered changing or canceling any upcoming travel plans? Are you more likely to work from home? For what needs do you foresee yourself using web conferencing in the next days/weeks to avoid traveling and exposure to swine flu?

Please leave your comments below. Looking forward to hearing your feedback.