With Earth Day 2009 in full swing, people and organizations are promoting a healthier planet via thousands of environmentally-friendly activities, one of which can include the use of screen sharing technology. By reducing travel time and face-to-face meetings, screen sharing is an example of Green IT that allows people to organize meetings over the Web, and hence significantly reduce CO2 gas emissions.

Green Screen Sharing

Reductions in CO2 gas emissions can quickly and easily be reached via screen sharing meetings: Consider a team of five who meet monthly and each make a return trip of 200km, on average, on each occasion in order to attend the meetings. After a year this one group could produce up to 1.56 tonnes of CO2 gas emissions due to the travel involved.

Now just think about how many people are traveling every single day for meetings that could be achieved via easy to use screen sharing software. That’s a lot of CO2!

While Earth Day 2009 is officially today, 22nd April, there are events taking place for days to come. Consequently, we are encouraging businesses, Earth Day supporters, or anyone who has to participate in a meeting this week, to stay in the office or at home and use screen sharing to meet online. Keep your cars in the garages and use the Internet to reduce CO2 gas emissions.

To get involved on Earth Day, drop by the “Green Screen Sharing” Event page on the Earth Day Event Registry. Feel free to show your support here for Green Screen Sharing or check out other events taking place around the world that are promoting environmental issues and awareness.

You can also download the Green Screen Sharing Flyer for more info.

Today’s press release can be found here: Mikogo Press Release  Green Screen Sharing Supporting Earth Day

(NOTE: Event page no longer available since the event is now closed).