Good news – today we have released the remote control feature for Mac users! This allows you to start a meeting from a Mac or PC, and then assist others via remote support, regardless of whether they join your meeting from a Mac or PC. Now you can use Mikogo as a cross-platform tool for not only web conferences and online meetings but also remote support, and you won’t pay a cent.

Mikogo Press Release

Mikogo Releases Cross-Platform Remote Support Software

Remote support now available on both Mac and PCsMannheim, GERMANY April 15, 2009 – Mikogo has announced the release of the new remote control feature for its Mac Beta version, equipping the free cross-platform web conference software with a valuable remote support function. The news comes shortly after the successful release of Mikogo’s first Mac Beta version a month ago, and complements Mikogo’s version for PC computers.

Both Mikogo’s PC and Mac versions provide an easy-to-use web conferencing solution that allows any private user or company to organize an online meeting with up to 10 participants. Following today’s release, Mikogo users have a multi-purpose cross-platform application for online meetings as well as remote support, and all at no cost.

“Since last month’s Beta version, Mac users have been picking up our software for online meetings, web conferencing and screen sharing,” explains Erik Boos, Co-Founder of Mikogo. “Now with the new remote control feature, companies have an all-in-one software application that allows them to not only make Web presentations and conferences but also assist clients via remote support.”

The full press release can be found here: Mikogo Press Release  Mikogo Releases Cross-Platform Remote Support Software

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