Are you building an impressive collection of portable software tools that require no installation? Now you can add the latest version of Mikogo’s portable version to your collection and start meetings directly from your USB stick.

The benefit of this is that you can carry your Mikogo software on your USB drive and start meetings from your work computer and later start meetings from home or other computers. No need to install the software.

How to get the portable version:

Simply download it and save it to your USB drive. You’ll then have “Mikogo-Portable” with the Mikogo M icon icon on your portable stick. Double-click on it, Mikogo will instantly start and the little Mikogo M icon icon will appear in your system tray. Click on the Mikogo M icon icon, select “Start Meeting” and enter your user details. Click OK, and the meeting will begin – Simple!

And now you can share any content on your screen (i.e. your desktop, word documents, spreadsheets, slides, pictures, web pages, etc…) with your meeting participants.

Also, your user details (username & password) will be saved so there is no need to re-enter your details when you start a meeting from another computer. Next time you open your USB drive, open Mikogo, and select “Start Meeting”, the meeting will simply begin.